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Solid IT systems are a necessity in today’s business world to ensure successful everyday operations and move your company forward. As your business grows, applications need to be flexible and change quickly to prepare for and create new business opportunities. Having a partner you can trust, providing your application support and maintenance, is key to quickly enhancing and extending the life of those applications and your investments. Northern Lights Technology Development focuses on seamlessly maintaining and transforming your business-critical applications to meet your changing business needs.

Our Specializations:

Database Monitoring & Performance Tuning

Database Creation & Maintenance

Reporting & Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)

Microsoft Dynamics AX Consulting

Microsoft CRM Consulting

Salesforce Customization & Support

Our Technical Competencies:

Microsoft CRM
Microsoft AX

What Sets Us Apart

At Northern Lights Technology Development, we strive every day to ensure that we fulfil our obligations by building technical and business solutions, driving technology excellence, and creating a global community.

On Time Delivery

We are driven to deliver exceptional performance on every project and generate extraordinary value for our customers.

Continuous Value

We continuously look for opportunities and strive to provide customized value for our customers.

Seamless Transitioning

We can supplement your team with the knowledge and resources you need, when you need it.

Optimization & Flexibility

We understand the needs of our customers and deliver solutions and resources that provide maximum value.

Innovative Technologies

We invest in technology that maximizes usability, functionality and design and integrates into our clients’ business operations.